Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love is Great!

What is Love?

Love is a combination of passion (the emotions that drive you crazy) and commitment (the stickiness that keeps you together) and positive feelings over all (some negative feelings can happen as long overall they are positive). Not all love has all these parts and Love may also include intimacy (being able to confide deepest personal stuff) and ways of expressing love like chocolates or sex.

Think about all that love can apply to: you can love your mate, love your children, lover your pets. You can love your favorite team, love your country, love your religion. You can also love your friends, love a movie, love food, love your job.
Over all ... love is great! It is a powerful positive motivator when it is a true love!

What kinds of love are there?

  • Love for your family
  • Love for your kids
  • Love for your pets
  • Love for your friends
  • Love for your passion (sports, teams, work, etc.)
  • Love for your country
  • Love for your religion
  • Love for your favorite food
  • Love for ... so many things

How can you tell you love someone?

Your actions, words, and mind are all in sync! You find yourself committed to that special someone and hopefully they are equally committed to you.

How can you tell someone loves you?

You see that all their actions and words all signal love for you. They notice the little things that make you happy and do things to make you happy. That's a good start.

Love is Great!


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