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10 Signs Your Sex Life Needs a Makeover

By Charli Penn                         10 Signs Your Sex Life Needs a Makeover  

Have you been feeling a little, well, unfulfilled lately? Has the temperature in your bedroom gone from blazing-hot to arctic-cold? Can you even remember the last time you and your lover reveled in the aftermath of a great, mind-altering romp? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it could mean your sex life needs a boost. And if your sex drive is suffering, your relationship may suffer, too. But you can’t solve the problem unless you’re actually sure you’re having one. So, first things first: You need to determine whether your limited libido is just a rough patch, or the sign of a serious, permanent problem. Here are 10 red flags to help you figure it out.

                                       You'd Rather Just Go to Bed
                                         Granted, getting some good shut-eye is mighty 
                                         important to your daily health, but choosing sleep
                                         over sex time after time is anything but a good sign.
                                      You Suspect He's Faking It

                                       Pick your jaw up, ladies. This can happen. If he only
                                       seems to be in the mood when you accuse  him of
                                       not, there's a strong chance he's faking the attraction
                                       to spare your feelings. Sit him down and explain to
                                       him that you're looking for genuine emotions from
                                       him, then ask what you two can do together to work
                                       on enhancing the mood.           
                                               Bedtime Has Gotten Boring   
                        Most couples have been there before, at least
                              once. You know the scenario: You're in the heat of
                              the moment and just when things are really
                              getting hot and heavy, someone pauses to bring
                              up something random and way off-topic, like a late
                              bill, or an overdue RSVP. The first time it happens,
                              it's funny, but if this continues, you must ask
                              yourselves one very important question: Why are  
                              we suddenly so distracted? 

                                     Your Sexiness Goes Unnoticed
              That sexy little number you bought for him during your
                  last visit to the lingerie boutique is red-hot, yet the first
                  time he saw you in it, it didn't even raise his
                  temperature. Sound familiar? Ask him what's on his
                  mind. If there's something more pressing than you
                  looking irresistible in next to nothing, you need to
                  know about it.      

                                       You're Off Schedule

                                               If the romps you used to have nightly  are happening
                                              so seldom that you can't even remember the last
                                              time you had sex, it's time to address the matter.
                                              Most couples have a sex schedule, and if yours is
                                              suddenly wide-open there's certainly room for

                                  There's No Time to Cuddle

                        Occasional quickies aside, neither of you should
                                want to rush sex. Putting intimacy on a timer is a
                                recipe for disaster. if you find yourselves frequently
                                saying things like "Only if we hurry," or "Can you hurry
                                it up, please?", something's definitely got to give.
                                           He's Just Not Feeling It
                                      If your sex drive is in full gear and each night he
                                      passes on your advances, something is wrong.
                                      Barring a rough day, there should be no real reason
                                      he repeatedly passes on lovemaking.        
                                                 The Kids Are Coming to Bed
                                If lately, every time the little ones peek in asking, :Can
                                        we sleep with you tonight?" he's the first to respond,
                                      "Sure, hop in,"your sex life could be headed to the
                                       danger zone it happens, sure, but if you're sharing
                                       your bed more usual, you should both be equally
                                            Date Nights Fall Short
                                 The scented candles are lit, the bubble bath is
                                          waiting, and the smooth sounds of R&B can be heard
                                         blaring through your stereo. There's just one thing
                                         missing: you two. The mood is set, but you're both
                                         just not feeling the love. Feeling anything but romantic
                                         in a setting that sensual means it's time to look
                                         within to find out what's causing your dry spell.

                                      Porn Becomes a Problem

                                         Let's face it, many men like to watch  pornography
                                         from time to time. Your personal feelings about it
                                         aside, this can be normal, but what isn't is when the
                                         scenes on the screen become more appealing to
                                         him than his real-life role with you. Ask him if he'd like
                                         to bring one of his favorite scenes to life. Role playing
                                         can bring new intimacy and excitement to your love

10 Signs Your Sex Life Is In Shambles


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