Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crazy Girlfriends - A Risk - Reward Proposition

What is it about crazy women that men find so attractive?  You’ve probably met one or two in your adventures in the datinggame.  They’re usually really attractive—in fact, very attractive—but they come with lots and lots and lots of baggage.  They have “issues” if you will.  They tend to be clingy and unpredictable, with lots of mood swings.  When they’re happy, they’re really happy, and when they’re happy, then you’re going to be really happy.  However, if you somehow screw up or if they just don’t feel right that day, you’re in trouble.  They’re wild in and out of bed, and dating a woman with this kind of personality is definitely a risk-reward proposition.

The rewards are rather enjoyable from a man’s perspective.  She’s spontaneous and very passionate about almost everything she does.  She will do a lot of the things you’ll want to do, and she probably has a few crazy fetishes that she’s just been waiting to try out.  Yes, there will be sex-a-plenty, and she might be extremely flexible, if you know what I mean.  So being crazy in that sense is perfectly fine; in fact, not too many guys out there will complain about that.  I know I wouldn’t.

The downside of the “psycho” girlfriend is that she’s, well, psycho.  Each one is different, of course, but some common traits are seen in all of them.  If you’re able to deal with the issues, that’s fine; however, if you plan on continuing to play the field, hopefully you’ve made that clear from the beginning.  Otherwise, prepare for the worst.  She might get extremely clingy.  She might do odd things like cut up your clothes, or follow you around to see where you go during the day.  Please, oh please, don’t cheat on a crazy girl.  Whereas another girl might forgive you and try to work things out (notice the word “might” in there), a crazy girlfriend will most definitely become a crazy ex-girlfriend, which is also something you want no part of.

To sum up, if you can deal with all the external activities surrounding a so-called “crazy” girl, she can be the type of girl you can stay with for quite some time.  More often than not, the relationship will fizzle out on its own due to the head games and drama that she causes, but for the time you’ve got her, have as much fun as you can.

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