Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 Sure Signs You're Dating Your Drinking Buddy

By Lindsay Ross for

It's always a relationship plus when two individuals have similar common interests. Whether it's music, nature, sports, sci-fi or sky diving - it always tends to build a stronger more intimate connection. Sharing a mutual love can help foster the passion between two people. Yet, what if you're discovering your only common interests are happy hours, night caps, and the local watering hole? You may have a problem. 

If the following three occurrences are happening in your current relationship, it's a sure sign you are simply dating a drinking companion. A drinking companion is not a suitable partner.

1. You Met As Regulars At Your Favorite Bar 

Love can be found anywhere, there is no denying it, but if you have begun to date the guy who sits next to you at happy hour every Tuesday and Thursday, this may lead to problems. If you met one time and continue to see each other outside of the drinking scene that is completely fine. If you were friends who only knew of each other from the bar and continue to utilize the bar as a starting point for dates - drinking will be the only thing you have in common. Often times the only thing that differentiates the relationship before "dating" this bar friend is mattress time. That's not good.

2. You Only Do Drinking Activities When You Are Together 

Drinking is a fun activity to incorporate into the correct outings but if you drink every single time you are together - this is another red flag. Although it may be fun to include multiple cocktails into a date, it doesn't give you time to be sober and really get to know the person or vice versa. Drinking gives you an excuse to not be yourself 100% - if you are dating someone who is always drinking with you, how are you both really going to know each other? Drinking once and a while is fine, drinking every single time equates into a drinking buddy.

3. All Your Conversations Are About Your Drinking Activities 

Between the late nights out and sleeping in on Saturday you never seem to have a serious conversation. Sure you talk about the crazy lady at the club or all the people you saw out last night, but what about your family, children and career? If you are only sharing this one aspect of your life with an individual and they are doing the same - you only have drinking in common and that will only be damaging in the long run. 

If you are reading this and finding it is eerily similar to your current relationship, then we're sorry to break it to you, but it's not a healthy relationship. Constantly drinking with someone does not allow individuals to become vulnerable and build a solid, sober connection. If you find yourself in this position, try doing other activities with the individual without drinking. If you cannot find each other interesting outside of the bar scene, cut your losses and move on.

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