Friday, January 6, 2012

8 Signs That Girl Might Be Hoe …

There are a lot of bucket heads out here. Out of the bucket heads, there are a lot of hoes, scuttlebutts, scip scop scallywags, and scoundrels out here. So I felt, that I should share some of the signs that the girl your talking to, the potenital Mrs whatever, your future baby’s mama … may be a hoe. Feel free to augment the list.

 8. She won’t share her “Magic Number” (how many people she f*cked)
I know not everyone agrees with this, and I know there are a couple of readers who disagree … but if the girl your serious with is just adamant about not sharing … you might want to take a double take. And I know I’m going to catch hell for this one, but I just feel like what do you have to hide? If its not that high, or not that bad … then she would say something.

7. She gets in every club for free and knows every promoter
She could be a friendly person. She could just be well connected. She could just have a very good promoter friend … or … she could be f*cking (or have f*cked) every single one of them. I only say this one because I knew a girl sleeping her way through every line.

6. There is a password lock on her phone
The guys I know who lock their
phones are whores (no offense). The last girl I messed with who had an automatic lock on her phone was a little more promiscous than she led on intially. Could be just me … but I don’t trust it!

5. She keeps condoms and KY in her purse
Condoms in the purse isn’t the worst thing nowadays. I personally like a girl who at leasts keeps condoms where she lives because it shows she treats safe sex just as importantly as I do. Keeping condoms in your purse would make me think twice, but I wouldn’t double take or anything. If you had condoms and a pack of KY jelly or astroglide … well … you came prepared to do something serious … and prolly do it a lot.

4. She keeps Pregnancy Tests at her place
Uh … why else would she keep tests like this at her apartment/house/shack unless she was f*cking so much … you just could “never know”! If you see more than one … you know whats up!

3. She says “blah blah blah … when are we gonna f*ck” … on the first date
Maybe she really really likes you. Maybe your just the ying to her yang and she can’t wait to connect. Maybe she knows that sleeping with you on the first date is a good way to
start a relationship (HA!). Or maybe … she’s a hoe!

2. She kindly says “that was an hour and will be $120″ after the deed.
Do I really need to explain this one??? Sure, maybe she just wants some cab money back home and thinks you should front the bill. Who knows … maybe she kept the time just to let you know how long you lasted. Who knows …

1. Your friend says … “that girls a hoe”
This is proabably the biggest one. If your friend, and I mean a good friend, tells you your girl is a hoe, you basically have to believe him. She is going to say some stupid stuff like “Don’t you trust me” or “He’s just jealous because he tried to get with me” … but don’t believe that bullsh*t. Guys aren’t like “others”. We don’t bicker, backstab, and make up random lies … he probably has your best interests at heart.



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