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Dating Advice for Women

What constantly surprises me is the lack of effort people put intotheir dating lives (both men and women). They will spend 12-14 years inschool and 4 years in college to get a good job, but they will invest almost notime in improving their love lives.

Crazy, huh? A recent relationship survey showed that to most women, theirhusband or partner is more important to them than their job.Yet they have spent almost no time discovering the important things tocatch and keep a great man:

-> What it isthat attracts a great guy.
-> How keep him faithful.
-> How to get him to invest in a relationship.

Thinkabout that for a minute. When was the last time you sat down andfigured out what you needed to do to find and keep a man that wasattractive, charming and someone you would like to introduce to yourfriends?

Most single girls answered that they just needed to be a littlethinner, dress a little better or be in better shape. This is great advice if you arejust looking for a man who wants sex and doesn't particularly careabout you or how you feel.

Butwhat about finding a man that does care about you? A man that wants tospend time with you. A man that doesn't want the date to end. A manthat feels a pang of jealousy when he sees you with anyone but him?

Thisis where good looks will not help you. He may pretend that he likes youjust so he can get you into bed one more time. But what about the guywho isn't only concerned with hanging out after 9pm and getting a blow job? What about the guywho just wants to spend time with you?

Like Isaid before, this is where your looks will not help you. But what you do and say will.

Becausemost women never invest the time and energy into learning what it isthat captivates a man and makes him crave you, there are only a fewthat truly know the secret of catching and keeping a man's heart.
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Ionce met a girl that knew how to capture a man's heart. She wasamazing. Everytime I saw her, I felt a little dizzy. Every kiss feltbetter than the last. And every time we had sex, I was in heaven.

Needlessto say, when she left me I was truly heartbroken. It's been over 2years and I still haven't met anyone that comes close to her.

As a way to get over her, I have decided to write these dating tipsfor women based on how she acted around me, to help give you some'super powers' for attracting the man of your dreams.

Belowyou'll find some of the dating advice that guests have written for thesite. It's certainly nowhere near as helpful as the information thatyou'll find in the book, but hopefully you'll be able to find someuseful tips in there.

Dating Adviceby Various Guests of Real-Dating-Tips.com

 Let's be real for a minute. There is not one perfectpiece of dating advice for womento fix your love life and find the man of your dreams. Luckily thereare some really great things you can start doing now to increase yousuccess with men and give yourself the best possible chance of findingtheman of your dreams.

Not justadvice forattracting men, but getting into great, long- lasting relationshipswithguys too.

At the end of this page there are more articles with datingadvice for women, but for nowthere is some core information that you always need to keep in mindwhen either flirting and chatting with guys or when you are in arelationship with them.

1. Get a life

What does this mean exactly? Make sure you take care of your life andyourneedsfirst. Make sure that your health, job/school and other relationshipsare in order.

Guys may be attracted to you because of your looks, which can be great,but if the rest of your life is a train wreck then any potentialrelationship will not last.

On top of this, you will have other things going on in your life, whichleads us to...

2. Do not drop anything for a guy

So you met the guy of your dreams last weekend. Now he wants to hangout on Wednesday evening. But you already organized to go for drinkswith the girls on Wednesday evening. You may want to ditch the girlsand go on a date with this guy. But and there is a big but....

Droppingeverything for a guy is not attractive.Guys mayappreciate it for a date or two. But they will quickly grow bored ofyou because you just become like every other girl to him. This is whyhaving an active social life is so important. This is a reallyconuter-intuitive bit of dating advice for women, but have fatih, itworks! Remember how you reallywanted that one guy because you could never get his full attention? Hewas a challenge....

3. Be a challenge

Guys like girls that they have to chase after. They value girls theyhave to catch more than pushovers.

Imagine the Super Bowl (strange analogy, but please listen). It's theultimate prize for a football player. They spend all of high school andcollege just to have the chance to make a team that might never evenmake it to the Super Bowl. It's incredibly tough and 99.99% of footballplayers never make it. But for the ones that do, it's the ultimateprize. They value it because it's a challenge. They don't valuefootball socks as much because you can get them in a shop or borrowthem.

You need to be the Super Bowl, not just another pair of stinky footballsocks, lol!

So in the dating world, that means you have to make men work hard towin you over. You need to be a challenge and we all know that men lovechallenges

4. Have standards

Being a challenge is one thing, but having standards is another. Justbecause a guy is cute, rich, captain of his high school football teamor has a great job does not mean you should start dating him.

Yes you may be attracted to him and enjoy flirting with him, but if youknowhe is a player, then your best bet is to stay away unless you are happytobe tossed aside for the next girl he wants.

There are two things you need to do.

First does he respect you? Is he the kind of guy that will treatyou properly or will he just tell his friends about every detail?

Then you will probably be wondering is her attracted to you.Check out the article for some great tips to know the signs to look outfor if he is attracted to you.

5. Do not treat him as youremotional sponge*

Maybe you had a bad day at work or had a fight with your family. Themost unattractive thing you can do is to pour out all your feelingsthinking it will get the guy you want.

Sure guys are logical and want to fix things. But at the start of arelationship, unloading all your problems onto a guy is not smart. Itsmells of 'help fix my problems, I can't do it myself'.

Thisis probably the harshest bit of dating advice for women you'll hear,but sometimes you really have to work hard to make a relationship work.

(*This is super important at the start of any relationship but less soas it becomes more serious)

6. Do not reward bad behavior

If a guy cancels a date with you without a decent reason or teases youtoo much in front of his/your friends, the worst thing you can do issmile and laugh.

He needs to know when he has stepped over the line. There is no need tothrow your drink at him. But ignore him for a little bit. If it happensagain, you need to tell him straight up when you are alone that you arewalking if he ever tries it again.

It might sound harsh or mean. Well that's because it is. Butrelationships aren't always a breeze. The good ones take work and notrewarding bad behavior is probably the most imposrtant point to takefrom this dating advice for women.

7. Let him open up when he wants to

Ever wonder what he's thinking about.

"How come he never tells me how he feels?"

Here's the thing. If a guy is truly mad about you, then he will open upwhen he is ready.

Prodding and pleading with him to open up about his feelings will gethim doing the exact opposite (the scientific term is cognitivedissonance folks). If he does open up it's only because he felt forcedto and will resent you for it.

8. Be real

Everybody has an ideal version of themselves that they would like otherpeople to see. They hope that the guy they are trying to attract seesthem this way too. Perfect beauty, perfect life.

You're not the only one. Guys do this too. They act macho and like topretend that every girl wants them.

It's okay to present yourself as perfect for the first few dates but ifyou feel like you have to always be 'on' then you will put unneededstress on yourself. This is probably the most important of all thedating advice for women that you can use if you want your relationshipsto last in the long term.

Added to this, the guy you are with will start to notice cracks andslowly start questioning whether or not you are who you say you are.

So you need to bereal when flirting, chatting and dating guys. If theydon't like you for who you are then don't bother with them.

Does this mean I should tell them about my problems straight away.


Just don't desperately try to hide every single little and imperfectionand blemish.


Hope you enjoyed this introduction to dating advice for women, for moregreat dating tips, tactics, information and general dating advice forwomen, check out thisarticles below

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