Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love or Money?

The biggest decision, by far. A relationship, or marriage, for love or money? Is this something new you ask? Oh, by no means. Decades ago it was kept hush, hush. You didn't talk about those things. Talk about taboo! But wouldn't it be great to have both?
These days, no man or women would say out loud, but it may be a conversation between friends, and family. And this decision is more common then you might think. Yes, in 2010! Especially in 2010 with the uncertainty of companies, and jobs with a future, and let's not forget the quest for the good life, the question is on more people's minds.
Some say "you can learn to love". Others say "it's just as easy to love a rich person then a poor one". I suppose there are many sayings and many ways to look at life and love. Which is right for you?
Let's face it, all of us started out with the romantic notion of loving someone forever. The passion, the romance, and the love so deep you couldn't imagine life without them.
As years pass, and as life touches us, some may waiver. The question of love or money starts to become a gray area, rather then black or white. For some, the security of a highly profitable business, or job, that you may have for many years, comes to them in their life. They can't seem to do no wrong, and wealth accumulates.
They were in the right place at the right time. Their decisions they made when life showed them a fork in the road, were good ones it turned out. Financially, life has been good to them. Many very fortunate people like Paul Newman and Bill Gates recently, attributed his success to luck. They said luck has a lot to do with it. Who knows why there are haves and have nots?
That being said, there are many, many average people that work hard for a living and never get to that financial freedom and security. Not that they are any less of a person then the wealthy ones, but they didn't achieve it. Life seems to be a struggle all the time. Not that they can't pay their bills, but they are never secure financially.
Emotionally, life can beat you up a little. And for some, more then a little. Year after year, you struggle. Yes, you have friends, a decent job, but you never reach the point of being able to afford a secure life. A life to enjoy your dreams, and share your fortune with loved ones. A life of peace, where you don't have to worry about the electric bill, your kids going to college, and a comfortable retirement. Year after year, it can take a toll n you. And for millions of people depression can set in.
So for many, young and old, first marriage or second, the question of love or money will come to a head. Life is full of choices. And every choice you make will determine your future. So love or money?
So you are young and dream about the love of your life. Guess what? You meet them! You are as happy as can be now that you found each other. You date and eventually marry. You want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans!
Years pass and life beats you up a little bit, like most people, but your fine. A few more years go by, unhappiness, fighting usually about sex or money, and divorce happens. Now you both are trying to make it on your own, with one income each, instead of combined incomes. You thought things were tight before and look at you now.
Life moves forward as it always does. You start dating at one point. You find a person that makes you happy again. Extremely happy. They have an average job and has been there for a while. hey don't make a lot of money, but who cares? Right?
Also, you have an acquaintance that is attractive, awful nice to you, and cares for you deeply. The person asks you out a lot, but you seem to spend more time with the other person. You have gone out together and had fun too. But just not the zipthe other person brought to the table. But they are wealthy! Really wealthy! A nice profession in good standing, with a beautiful home, not crazy vices, and wants you too.
Love or money? Whats your choice? Is the choice between love or money clear? Do you sacrifice love for money. For the security, the ability to enjoy life, to give to your children along the way? Will you regret your decision for the rest of your life? Will you miss the person you left behind, forever? Love or money? The money will never make you feel the way loving someone does. But, can you live without that love, that feeling, just to have the ability to never worry financially ever again?
If you can't, then was it really the right thing to do to ever get the divorce in the first place? Did love make the difference then? After all, love can't pay the bills! So is it love or money?
What if you were brought up having very little in your youth? What if you dreamed of "love" but what came to you was "like a lot", with money? Love or money?
What if you had a secure childhood and money wasn't an issue at home? What if you then married a person with money or a really good future? You have never experienced financial hardship, or a budget. Your marriage didn't work out and you were starting over. You meet an average person and you fell in love. But, they had no money or financial security. Do you move on so is not to face a world without the money, and power it brings, and that you are used to? Do you leave the person to find another with money?
Love or money? What does love mean to you? What does having money mean to you? Can you have both? Sure can, if you're lucky. But much of the time it is a choice between love or money. Some can even convince themselves that it is love, but in reality, it is the money.
There are many more scenarios of relationships that can be told about the choice between love or money. The choice you make is yours and yours alone, as love remembers. 


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