Sunday, December 18, 2011

WARNING! The "LOVE Secret" That Most Women Ignore Until It's TOO Late

By Angela ZoileWant to know the REAL secret to finding true love?It's NOT asking your friends what they think of him.It's NOT asking your family if they think he's right for you.It's NOT asking him over and over if he REALLY loves you.And it's certainly not asking HIS friends whether he's really as in to YOU, as you are in to him!And its most definitely NOT buying an eBook, or buying any of the "bunk" being sold online that promise to reveal the signs that a man is truly in love.Let's take a moment to be honest...When it comes to women, and are quest to find true love, most of us are used to making MAJOR mistakes. We ask the wrong questions. And trust the wrong tools and techniques.As a matter of fact, according to a study done earlier this year by a popular Women's health journal, the average woman has 3 major romantic heartbreaks in her lifetime (and at least one of those, the women rated as SHOCKING, or so bad that it led to a major depressive episode).As a love intuitive, and emotional empath who has written hundreds of articles on romance, relationships and the intuitive "karmic" connection between people, I'm going to tell you what I think MOST women fail to do, that leads to so much pain.We DON'T trust our intuition.We don't trust our gut.And we don't trust the fact that there is a Universal PLAN to our lives... and that we each come into this world to discover true love. (and that for each of us, if we listen to the small silent voice within, that love is often far closer than we know)I believe that when you meet the man, or the love of your life you are truly meant to find, that there is an "a-ha" moment that you can't ignore.It's about the aura, and the emotional energy between 2 people... and that's something that you'll never have to ask, to know is real, and undeniably powerful.Did you know that there are people who can listen to your voice, and see your aura?Did you know that scientists are now studying the "invisible connection" between people who are in love, or are deeply emotionally connected, and finding that there is something very special that connects people, even if they're thousands of miles away?(studies of twins, for example... where the pain of one, is felt by another, even when they were separated at birth, or have never met)I believe that the secret of TRUE love is that we each come into this world with soul mates. Special people that we "agreed" to love, grow with and evolve with spiritually in this lifetime. You CAN have more than one. But when it comes to romantic soul-mates, I truly believe that there is only one person, per lifetime that we are destined to be with... even if it's only for a short time.Unfortunately, most women will never find him. Or if they do, it's too late. (as they've already chosen a different life, with a different partner... and it's too difficult to turn back, once they cross paths, as all soul-mates DO least once)Listen to your heart, not your head, when it comes to meeting that one person that will make this wonderful journey as joyful, as you deserve. And seek guidance ONLY from those that can see the amazing energy, and aura, of an authentic karmic connection (you won't be sorry, I promise!)Article Source:


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