Friday, March 23, 2012

Reasons Why Men Turn Cold After Winning a Woman


While this may sound mean and unethical, there are quite a number of reasons behind this and both men and women have their fair share in the contribution. We all know our lives but we tend to be wrong about other people and it is not until we understand the ways of fellow human beings that we will all live in harmony. Relationships are concentrations of feelings and characters we all lie, pretend, love, hate, get confused, get hurt and hurt others. It is how life in love is.

When it comes to the creation of a relationship, the very start of it is what determines how smooth or rough the ride ahead will be. The early stages of a relationship are fraught of a mixture of feelings and a lot of excitement. Most women will complain that after they finally give in and start a relationship with a man that has been pursuing them; the man turns cold faster than they can explain. This is true and the reasons behind it are simple common sense.
If I were to trap chicken using grains I will drop the grains until I cage the bird; and this is how men are. They will do anything and everything in their might to make sure they get the girl and if the girl is playing mission impossible, then the man will get out of his comfort zone and do things that can only be said in the dark to make sure they win the prize. This is where the problem begins, if the lady plays hard to get for so long, the man will keep up the charade and when eventually the lady gives him the green light, he will be exhausted both mentally and emotionally. There will be nothing to fight for or run after, the sizzle will just fade off quite fast.

Now pay attention- the main reason why men turn cold or appear bored is because they have too much expectation in relationships or in the lady they want in their arms. They do not take time to read the signs or try to understand what the lady wants, they only think of themselves and what they want. At the end of the day, they end up being hurt even if they take the girl home. I believe that happy are those who expect nothing for they are never disappointed. We put our hopes up in the sky and even if something turns out to be 98% perfect, we still feel short-changed.

On the other hand, women are not willing to open up their eyes and stare reality into the eyes. They live in a fantasy world where evil doesn't exist. A woman will keep a man waiting for ages - some for the benefits that come with that period while others are confused, or want men to believe that. While a man makes decisions while he goes, women already know what they want when they get out of bed. They will want men to believe that they have not made up their minds and will end up holding them for as long as they can while checking whether there is a better option. While women are busy on their plans men will slowly get tired of the chase and will start going cold way before the relationship starts.
It is not wrong to first understand someone prior to establishing a relationship, but this does not include years of understanding him or her. It is easy to know someone and understand their vices as well as their strengths in a short period of time. No one is perfect in this world and thus you should stop collecting stones while you hold diamond in the other hand. Men should lower their expectations, after all when the lady turns out better than they expected, the relationship will have a smooth run. In conclusion, love goes round with the world and every action has an equal reaction... love is a four letter word that explains a thousand pictures.

Anthony is a freelance writer with a passion in writing about relationships advice to dating as well as married people couples.

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