Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Things You Must Do After a Breakup Read more: How To Survive a Breakup - Things To Do After a Breakup - Cosmopolitan

Katy Perry seems to be moving on from her divorce from Russell Brand, but that doesn’t make the sting of their breakup hurt any less. While we were mourning the demise of our favorite rocker couple, we spoke with relationship therapist Rachel A. Sussman, author of The Breakup Bible, for her tips on how regular girls can survive a split like a, uh, rock star.


Strip Your Sheets.
Buying all new bedding gets rid of bad bedroom energy from your room and helps you start fresh, says Sussman.

Get sweaty.
Pump your mood with a Zumba or boot camp class at your gym, then switch to yoga or Pilates at night to help you relax. And consider the amazing body you'll have in a few short weeks.

Indulge at the makeup counter.
Updating your look helps you feel sexy and desirable again, says Sussman. While the perfect smoky eye may not heal a broken heart, it's bound to keep you from crying for a while.

Obsess over the breakup…for 15 minutes.
"Obsessing over something is actually the natural way our brains deal with change," says Sussman. So let yourself freak out for a little bit. Scheduling times when you're allowed to think about it in a healthy way will let you gain control over the situation.

Go on a 30-day cleanse.
No, we're not talking about a crazy juice diet. Instead of swearing off solid foods, vow to not have any contact with your ex for 30 days. "You'll get over it faster with zero contact," says Sussman. "And you're proving to yourself that you can survive without him."

Hit Delete.
Spying on him will only make things worse, so cover all of your tech bases. Unfriend him, unfollow him, and delete him from your chat list. You don't want a pop-up reminder of your relationship every time you sign on.

Let your friends know what you need.
Whether you want to go out for a round of cocktails or are swearing off men until 2013, make sure your friends are clear on how they can help you deal. (Because if you really just want to chill solo, that Single Girls Night Out they're planning to revive your spirit is really gonna suck.)

Boost your ego.
Doing something a little scary that you've never done before—like speed dating, learning to snowboard, or following a recipe sans photos (not that that scares us or anything)—will give you a confidence kick like no other, says Sussman. Completing just one difficult task will help remind you that you're pretty damn awesome.

Have face time with a furry friend.
"Research shows that interacting with animals can help you heal emotionally," says Sussman. Since you don't want to make any huge commitments after a breakup, try volunteering at an animal shelter or walking a vacationing friend's dog for a weekend.

Take a fabulous trip.
"So many of my patients felt that they could finally travel after a big breakup," says Sussman. "But the key is not to go too soon. You need to give yourself time to feel like crap before you can truly enjoy a getaway."


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