Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 5 Bad Relationship Habits To Cut Out In 2012

Written by Telisha

It’s a New Year beauties and if you are reading this, you are blessed to have made it to 2012. Some of us welcomed in the New Year with a kiss from our beloved, some of us with champagne toasts and glittery accessories but a handful of us beauties brought in the New Year miserable. We do it every year, we manage to cut off or be cut off by that someone who we were kickin’ it with and end up in the same emotional state we were in prior to this person entering our lives. I always compare this to the feeling you get when a dress you buy at final sale is seen somewhere else at a cheaper price- defeat!

I can’t pull Idris Elba out of my pocket and give him to you nor can I pull a huge engagement ring out the sky and place it on your finger. What I can give you are a few pointers that will help you ease into your next romantic encounter with a little more emotionally-sound ammo, the rest of the story is written by you.

Here are 5 bad relationship habits to cut out in 2012:

1. Making Assumptions: Admittedly I’m an over thinker. I will spin a story so real in my head that I have to question my sanity at times. For the sake of your romantic future, ask questions, and leave estimations up to scientists.

2. Believing You Are Not Worthy of Love: I’m amazed at how many women are still “ok” with settling for half-assed relationships. Know your worth, and save yourself the heartache by knowing when to exit an experience that is not bringing out the best in you.

3. Comparing Your Experience to Your Friends’ Relationships: So you’re the last in the crew to get chose. Girl please,  allow your friend’s big news to enhance your outlook on love and not be step by step instructions or a threat to your individual love experience.

4. Sabotaging Your Potential for Love: I am the pickiest mofo on earth but I can tell you that every one of my shallow “must-haves” have gone out the window with my current beau. Focus on shared values being the deciding factor as opposed to the “Disney Land” idea of the “perfect mate”.

5. Lying To Yourself: Just like we set goals for our careers I always encourage my people to set goals for love. Many relationships fail to move past a certain stage because both parties have no idea what they really want or they do but have conflicting views of what the relationship should be. Are you looking for a commitment? Is light and casual working for you? Are you interested in serial dating? State your intentions and be about it, avoid getting caught up with partners who have snake charmed their way into your heart but have no desire for a commitment- That’s some 2011 bull!

I’m excited for this year and all of you. I know for a fact that whether or not you have found love, you want to enhance your experience as well as become stronger in your ability to give and receive it. We here!

What are your thoughts on this list? Have you caught yourself doing any of the above?

Top 5 Bad Relationship Habits To Cut Out In 2012


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