Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Love You - There Are Times When You Don't Say It

Those three little words are the hardest words a man can say; on the flipside, three of the easiest are, “More Beer Please.”  Why are men so difficult when it comes to the “L” word?  Saying it implies commitment, and if a woman is interested in commitment but the man isn’t, saying “I love you” doesn’t make things any better.  A man should absolutely, under any circumstances, not say those three magic words unless he’s planning on being in it for the long haul.  Women take that sort of thing seriously.

One of the absolute worst places to say “I love you” is in bed.  Of course, a woman who is freely having sex with you would like to hear that.  While there are women out there who will take your word for it, others are savvy enough to know that you’re lying.  In fact, she might be angrier at you for saying it—especially if you said it first.  If you have a pattern of saying that, each time will be a bit more disingenuous than the rest.  Then again, you’re telling her what she wants to hear, so if it’s working, keep going for it.

Also, don’t tell her “I love you” as an instant response.  It might be an instant response to her, but it means a whole lot more.  Just firing it back without meaning it might cause a scene if you’re in public, and just about everyone wants to avoid that.  Now, if you’re in a longer-term relationship and she opens up the conversation by saying those words, don’t make it an automatic response.  Trying to sidestep the idea can come in handy.

By limiting the places where a man might run into trouble if given the opportunity to do so, men can continue to have great times with the women in their lives.  It’s not really considered lying and the big guys that are routinely sought after can still have their time in the spotlight.  Many men have run into problems by doing things this way.  Instead of just saying “you too” or “you know that I do” when faced with the “L” word, you can make a true impact by cleaning house and not talking.  That being said, it’s easier to come up with material for this situation than some of the others mentioned already.

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