Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do You Really Want A Stripper As Your Girlfriend?

What guy doesn’t like going to strip clubs?  Even married guys like it; in fact, it’s why strip clubs exist.  The girls there do the things ordinary women won’t do.  They’re fantasy girls.  However, there is bound to be that one guy who actually wants to date a stripper.  It seems like the greatest idea ever, but there are a whole lot of minuses to balance out any plusses that might be involved.  If you honestly do have any aspirations of making that woman sliding on the pole in the 6-inch heels your girlfriend, let alone want to be seen with you in public, how would you go about doing that?

The decision to pursue a stripper is primarily a sexual one.  Men see naked women frolicking about, and he wants to take one of them home.  It’s natural.  It’s like chasing the dream that you have no hope to attain.  However, many men have successfully turned a stripper into a stripper girlfriend.  One approach that has worked is to become one of her regulars.  Pick out your favourite girl and give her what she wants—money.  Buy a few lap dances and let her do her thing.  Yes, this will cost you, but you’ll be able to spend some quality time with her.  However, if she enjoys seeing your wallet rather than you personally, you’re in for some trouble.

If, through the course of your lap dance exploits, you’re able to learn her real name and maybe get a phone number out of her, it’s time to go into action.  You have to treat strippers differently than ordinary women; in fact, you’ll have to conduct a test.  As you probably already know, strippers act a certain way in the club in order to get patrons to part with their money.  Therefore, ask her if she wants to meet you somewhere outside of the club, preferably in the daytime.  If she makes up excuses or just wants you to come by the club when she’s working, you’re in for some trouble.  Sense a pattern here?

If you’ve gone through all of that, then the chances are pretty good that she actually wants to spend time with you and not just with your money.  However, do not fall in love with her too quickly.  Yes, you’ll probably get sex on a regular basis and be able to tell your friends about the really hot girl you’re dating, but remember that she still has to grind on other men’s laps and work the pole for her cash.  She still has a job to do, and you have to be cool with it.  If you’re not, you’re in for some trouble.

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