Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Women Really Want for Valentine's Day Shouldn't Come as a Surprise

by Lindsay Mannering

Turns out, great minds do think alike. According to a new survey by couples mediator Laurie Puhnwomen don't really want anything for Valentine's Day. Anything tangible, that is. She asked about 200 women between the ages of 30 and 49 and found that a whopping 72 percent want a day off from housework/childcare. That's all. No flowers, no chocolate, no teddy bears holding flowers and chocolate -- none of that. The only thing most women want is some gosh darn help.
So don't feel somehow embarrassed, or old, or like you've lost that spark if you're not into the frivolous, heart-shaped gifts that wilt after a while, make you fat, or pop. You're clearly not alone.
So before the 14th rolls around, maybe we should try and communicate our wishes to our dear old lover boys and let them know that this year they should save their money and instead roll up their sleeves. I think we've all learned by now that we won't get what we don't ask for, so loop in your significant other and be upfront. It might hurt Godiva's business, but it'll certainly help you and your sanity.
There's nothing unromantic about telling a man what you want, even if it is for him to do the laundry or take the kids to and from basketball practice. There's enough pressure as it is surrounding V day, so make it easier on everyone and say what you're really thinking. And say it soon -- you're almost running out of time.
Other than some help around the house, 14 percent of women wanted a special plan for dinner, 9 percent wanted a gift, and 5 percent wanted sex. So if you weren't feeling the whole "Queen for a Day" scenario, maybe you fall into one of those other percentage categories.


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