Sunday, March 11, 2012

I feel like what we had was unfinished, but it didn't really have an official start

A female United States age 16-17, *ewbie31 writes

So, I'm sixteen. I had a "thing" with this guy who just turned 18yesterday. This past fall we started hanging out with a mutual friendand there was instant attraction for me. He took me on a few dates,kissed me first and we had this thing were I "paid a kiss toll" at redlights. This whole time I really liked him. Funny, smart, outgoing andconfident. But he has comitment issues I guess so we just were a"thing".

This would have been fine if I knew how he truly felt, but it wasn'tever communicated other than I really like you and spending time withyou. I knew the thing was there but didn't know where it was going. SoI finally asked him, sensing that I might be allowing myself to be ledon.

He said he was confused, he really likes me but he doesn't know howmuch yet. Everytime we kissed, mind you, he initiated. I wanted more ofhim. All of him.

Then a few weeks passed and I couldn't take the confusion anymore. Iwas awkward around him because I didn't know how casual and comfortableI could be around him. So I asked him if he had his answer, like hesaid he would give me soon. I knew right when he said he wasn't surethat it prob was going to end, but I still had hope. I gave him spaceand didn't push him. But when I asked he said "he loves to be around mebut we should be friends right now".

I just recently started sort of hanging with him again because I'm notbusy with school anymore and I still feel that for me there issomething there. No one else knows that we had a thing, so seeing othergirls flirt with him shamelessly drives me nuts because I don't get anyrecognition for being the girl who got his attention past meaninglessflirting. I feel like what we had was unfinished, but thinking aboutit, it didn't have an official start. I want to dream and have himrealize that I am real and that he does like me, but I don't think thatwill happen, but now I want to know, need to know, why he stoppedliking me after all that.

A few weeks ago he texted and apologized bc he realized he led me on.He said "I guess I just don't know how to like someone at the same timeas getting to know them". But isn't that what dating is for? That'sbasically what we were doing even if it wasn't called anything special.I definitely need some advice. Should I ask him?

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I feel like what we had was unfinished, but it didn't really have an official start


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