Sunday, March 11, 2012


It’s complicated huh? What’s so complicated about realizing it’s just not working! There is no such thing as a complicated relationship. If you are not happy perhaps it’s time to consider a break-up. It sounds simple enough right. But apparently it’s not. How many times have you read someone’s facebook profile and saw the “It’s Complicated” as their relationship status? What does that mean? You are obviously not happy. Is it a sign to let people know that you are open for cheating?

It’s actually a sign that you are confused and not good at making solid decisions. If you have literally crossed the line from just  thinking you are unhappy to actually writing it out for the world to see, then why not do something about it? What are you waiting on?

Does that mean you are in a relationship and you love your girl but she refuses to have sex with you? Let me help you out. LET HER GO.  Does it mean your’re in a relationship with a man and you love him but he constantly refers to you as b!tch and hoe meanwhile he’s out chasing skirts.. Let me help you out. LET HIM GO!

Now if complicated means you are sitting at home alone while your man is out working hard, conquering the world so that he can provide you with the finer things in life you’re just an unappreciative bish.. Get a job and then you understand and have less time to feel so “complicated”.

Rarely  do these status ever involve the it’s cheaper her to keep her situation.. I can totally understand the “it’s complicated when finances are involved.

Then we have the most popular kind of “complicated” relationship.. We are not getting along that well, but we are trying to work it out..  Too many people try to force themselves to be with a certain person.. Either it works or it doesn’t..

Believe it or not it does not take hard work being with someone who you are really into who also carries the same level of affection for you.  Relationships are hard work because people enter into relationship that they shouldn’t be in for temporary wants and needs that once fulfilled they realize they’re really not that into their mate. At this point being with someone else would be much less “complicated”.

Society seems to think that they have all the time in the world. It’s crazy how people know that the average human life spans less than 100 years, yet people seem so willing to spend years of their life with people that make them unhappy. What’s the point? A person either makes you happy and cares for you or they don’t. There is no inbetweens unless you are only in it for the green.. Decide what you want in a relationship and go after it.  If someone is aware of what you like and fails to maintain then they have failed to keep up their oral or written end contract. Which is permission for guilt free termination.

When you are in love, it’s strong. You want to make the other person happy and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Stop waiting around for someone to treat you like they love you. Let Go.

It’s wise to stay away from complicated types of people.. They can’t make solid decisions. They need someone to push them close to the ledge first.. Who wants someone like that?  

So tell me, why are you in a “complicated” relationship?

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