Monday, January 30, 2012

Divorced Men Less Emotionally Scarred Than Divorced Women (...Commence Rage Blackout)

More proof that men are from Mars and women have a freaking pain-in-the-a*s time getting remarried.

According to a new study of 2,000 adults as a promo for the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, men have a way easier time brushing the metaphorical dirt off their shoulders and moving on after a failed marriage. In fact, 47 percent of divorced men are eager to remarry, more than twice as many women in the same category--only 20 percent of divorced women are ready to get back in the marital saddle.

Also, 42 percent of divorced men who are currently dating said they would be open to hiring a professional pick-up artist to help them score women, and 31 percent had tried online dating since their marriages ended (compared to just 19 percent of divorced women).

So, yep. Men dive headfirst back into the dating pool, while women stick a toe in the water. While wearing four Floatie devices. And a raincoat. With rocks in the pockets.


Is this surprising to any of you? Why do you think divorced women are more cautious about getting married again?

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by Anna Breslaw

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