Monday, January 30, 2012

Women Moaning


Fake breasts, fake butts, fake orgasms -- and now fake moaning? Well, not exactly.


The common perception in bed is that when a woman moans, it’s from something you’ve done. Either you’ve finally found the little man in the boat, you’ve hit her G-spot or the foreplay has preheated the oven.

Not quite.

 Research from the University of Central Lancashire shows that the noise a woman makes in bed is not directly correlated to her pleasure or her orgasm. As a matter of fact, her purrs are more likely to come during her partner’s orgasms.

The researchers found that women do so either because of a conscious decision to manipulate behavior (we always knew they were manipulative), wanting to helping you find your climax or because of an idea of an idealized script of how women are supposed to act during sex.

 So whether she’s cheering you on or merely playing the part, keep in mind that her moans aren’t always linked to her own enjoyment.


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