Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unleash Your Inner Vixen!

By Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

 Keep your daily romance sizzling with these 3 fun and flirty tips from Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Life Coach Laura Baron: 

1. Talk with your eyes! 

There is nothing more seductive than a woman with confidence, especially one who listens carefully and speaks volumes without saying a single word. Play with this exercise by talking less and saying more with your gaze! 

What It Means to Be Amazing In Bed 

2. Take Charge! 

Get ready with your man in the morning and when he jumps in the shower, join him with your clothes on! Make him feel that irresistible, that lucky… be the story he'd want to tell in the locker room! Keep your hair in that wet, slick backed look and wear your play all day. 

Make Love All Day Long 

 3. Make Foreplay an All Day Affair! 

 Shoot him sexy and suggestive messages throughout the day and don't be shy! Flirt with purpose -- text, IM, voicemail, doesn't matter! Whatever can touch him, will! 

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