Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Apparently, Android Users Are The Sluttiest

Tiffanie Drayton

Don’t judge me by my Android phone,! I resent the fact that a new study done by the online matchmaking site claims that Droid users are the loosest of all Smartphone owners. I quote: “Androids may be the newest Smartphone on the market but their users have already been around the block.” from a recent blog post which details the findings of this cellular study.
According to their research, “62 percent of Android users have sex on the first date and are most likely to have a one night stand, at 55 percent.” Oh, that’s great. Now I have to hide my Droid so my date doesn’t believe I’m just down for a quickie in the bathroom stall of a restaurant.
Other Smartphone users, don’t believe for a second you have escaped the wrath of’s cellular phone judgments. Seems like BlackBerry users are booze hounds who drink alcohol on first dates 72 percent of the time as a result of being in a “business-y,” stressful environment. They are also more likely to experience love at first sight — maybe because of the beer goggles? And iPhone users can’t keep love out of the office as 25 percent of Apple addicts have had an office romance in the past five years. They are also not afraid to call or text the day after a date compared to other Smartphone users who tend to wait. Supposedly, they are more comfortable “putting themselves out there via text message.”
I never thought I would see the day when we would assess people’s dating and sexual preferences and activities based on the gadgets they carry. I wonder what people are going to think of me when I wear a mini skirt and I’m texting on my Droid? How scandalous! []


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