Thursday, March 8, 2012


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Here's my dilemma. I left my boyfriend a few years ago and we got back together recently. I know this is usually a bad idea, although things have gone quite well. We split because I was young and stupid and ended up with another guy. Other than me, there were minimal problems in the relationship (Indian vs. Thai, UNC vs. NC State).

We've been living together for several months and some of my guy friends came into town so I went out with them. I told him where I was going and who I was with, and he was still upset. Mind you, they're gay guys, though you wouldn't know it unless they told you. He explained to me that he still has trust issues and then asked how I would feel if he went out with three girls I never met and came home drunk on a weeknight. I conceded to that point and I know I did something stupid a long time ago, but I wish he would trust me more or that there was something I could do to reassure him that I'm not that person anymore. The other thing is, I would love for him to meet them so we could all hang out but he refuses, not because they're gay, but because he hates meeting new people. How am I supposed to handle this?

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