Friday, March 9, 2012

My g/f has had 35 plus partners and I know 4 of them!

A male United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

my girlfriend of 10years has had about 35previous partners an i can't stop thinking about it and 4of them i know. i have these feelings of anger alot i still even think theres more an she is lying an theres a chance she cheated with 2 or 3 aswell im 29 an she is 37 but she was 28 when we met so i think this is 2much im really struggling 2 come to terms or get over it? i find myself drinking alot more as a result an hardly speaking to her during the frequent times i think about these issues, even neglecting my son sometimes because of his mum being a slut an it just makes me feel down all the time an the relationship always suffers as a result.but i just can't stop thinking?she also has 4children with 4 different men including me which don't help an all this before i met her its shocking to think about please give me your thoughts on this shitty situation

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A female reader, anonymous, writes 

My thoughts are that you met an older, very experienced woman with however many children, when you were little more than a kid yourself. And you were probably pretty clueless! And in the following years you have developed retroactive jealousy, resentment and all the trust issues that go along with it. Google retroactive jealousy as it will help you to understand why you feel as you do.

If things are really rotten at home and there is no way to fix it at the moment. It might be better to leave, take a break from the situation and concentrate on yourself until you are able to function properly again.

Alcohol is a mood enhancer. So if you feel happy it makes you happier. If you feel down it makes you more depressed. So drinking probably isnt helping you at the moment. It is just making you feel even worse. If you can lay off alcohol for a while it will really help you to think straight again. Because you cant while you are drinking, you might as well be poisoning yourself! Seriously! Try and cut down or give it up for now.

If you feel REALLY down, you could also be suffering from a degree of depression. So a visit to your doctor might be a good idea just to be on the safe side. And seek some counselling if you can, spend your beer money on that instead. Counselling is always a good idea for anyone suffering from RJ. If you can do any of the above it will help you to overcome how you feel. In order to function properly and be a good dad, you need to fix yourself. Forget your partners past for now and concentrate on you because you sound in crisis. So get YOU fixed up first and while youre doing it, stay very mindful of the fact that your position is not the fault of your child. He didnt ask to be brought into this situation, you brought him into it. So dont make him suffer too. Love him, care for him and be the best dad you can be. I hope you feel better and can fix or leave this relationship soon...for your sake and your childs. All the best.

My g/f has had 35 plus partners and I know 4 of them!


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