Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Husband won't put me on title for new home


I’ve been married for four years. My husband is in the process of purchasing a home; scheduled to close in 11 days. He did not and will not put my name on title. We picked out the house together, but when it was time to do all of the paperwork, my husband excluded me.

 My husband is using his separate money to pay cash for the home. My father-in-law passed away last year and left my husband a large sum of money, with which a large portion is being used to pay cash for the home. I am not contributing (financially) to the purchase of the home; I am a student and my only income is a student loan.

 I realize that this is my husband’s money; he received it at a high price; the loss of his father, and even though I’ll live in the house, I feel as if I am being slighted because my husband refuses to put my name on the title. My husband has always kept our finances separate. Whenever I have mentioned getting joint bank accounts, he always promises “one day we will get a joint account”. I feel that, with him not putting me on title, is just another way for him to keep things separate.

 The home will be for me and my husband. We don’t have children, and due to medical reasons, we will not have children. I feel resentment toward my husband and the house. I do not plan on going to the inspection on Wednesday or to the closing at the end of the month? Am I wrong for feeling this way?


There is only one reason he won't do it and it is so he won't lose the money if you two divorce, also he could change the locks and not have to let you back in if he wanted. I would be upset too because it means he does not have 100% faith in the marriage. There is just no other way to put it :-(

Also, I know you're angry and I would also be, but if you don't go to closing etc. you will only set up a "norm" of your exclusion. If you choose to stay with him, which I am assuming you are, then definitely go to these things. You will only be fueling the fire in the long run if you don't go and involve yourself as if you were on the title. Upon working on this marriage this will help. That's what I think because it is what it is no matter what you do.

Husband won't put me on title for new home

by Kris
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