Friday, March 30, 2012

what does he want from me???

what does he want from me???

I met this guy through work he was in a different department and he was so into me at least I think so based on his flirting and behavior. One day I was asked by upper management to transfer to the same department as him and we were both happy about it. But once it was official his communication wasn't the same anymore. Spent most of his time around other male coworkers from other departments when he never did before and it amazed me how wed never talk about departmental projects when normally colleagues would.

It saddened me to be neglected in a way but I did ask him calmly about us needing to plan meetings because we should be talking about projects but he's always to be found assisting other departments other than the one he belongs too. He was shocked but to summarize he claimed that he and I "do talk" (we really didn't).

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This eventually led to many arguments between him and I over a several month period either to which he started or I started and it was always about the weirdest emotional things I.e. he claimed I never said hi/bye or how other males in other depts bugged me a lot and my arguments were usually we don't communicate or plan things he checks in with everyone but me etc.

Despite the arguments when things were not argumentative he would invite me to lunch or events he was involved in (rarely but he did still ask) and if I couldn't go he'd bug me to go..and when id go. Id either get third wheel'd or he'd not acknowledge me unless I was talking to another male or he realized I was leaving for the night..frankly why bug me to go if you aren't gona say anything to me???

One day it was 45 minutes later after id normally be at work I was getting work done on my car (it was an emergency/last minute thing) and I couldn't call because my cell battery was low and I couldn't call anyone cause I was saving it for a tow. When I got to the mechanic I checked my phone he called twice emailed once and got two other people to contact me. According to a close work friend of mine he spazzed out. Was apparently so worried he was pacing around and couldn't sit still etc. I couldn't believe it.the guy who didn't give me the time of day was actually worried about me? Anyway it backfired when we ended up arguing about that situation too.

Anyway here we are. Some how we are at the point where I finally got him talking to me about work projects now and socialization here and there. But I get a he's giving me space as if he thinks I hate him sort of behavior. Whenever he'd grab coffee with the guys he'd ask me if I wanted any (and even pays) for me. Now he doesn't even ask me....he doesn't even hide the fact that they are going...cause whenever he goes he says "ill be right back going to grab coffee" everytime he goes. And he even sees that I have to even ask whoever he's with to grab me one so he knows I like coffee. Sometimes if he sees ppl buy me one he'll insist on paying for mine -- I don't know if he pays for theirs too.

I guess my question is... I don't know if he thinks I hate him and want him to leave me alone. He does go out of his way to say hi/bye to me and does communicate more work wise and socially but u can see that he acts in a "don't wanna bug her" or "she hates me" sorta distance.

I still totally adore him and would like to progress things starting with a friendship we used to have.

I don't get wht he's thinking....can anyone decipher this?

Two how do I get things close to where it used to be?


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