Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Did I Do Wrong - 3 Reasons Why Men Leave the Women They Date


It's really hard to sit back and try and evaluate all of the things that you may have done wrong to make a guy not want to date you anymore. And it can be even harder when you are still totally into that guy and you wish that there was a way that you could change his mind. If you have ever been in a relationship where you were certain that the guy loved you back and then he turned around and ended things, that can make you wonder if maybe you really don't know what you did wrong or what men really want in a relationship.

Before you get too caught up in all of the questions that you might have right now, you may want to take the time to just sit back and relax. It's easy to get wound up and wonder about all of the things that you may have done in the relationship to make him want to leave, but sometimes that can lead to you coming to a lot of false conclusions and you don't really get too much out of doing that, do you? There are plenty of reasons why men break up with women and not all of them are things that really have to do with you. Sometimes they have more to do with the guy than anything else.
What You May Have Done Wrong...

Let's take a look at some of the more common things that you may have done wrong. Of course, they may not apply to you, but let's have a look at them anyway.


a) Being too clingy. This is one of those things that a lot of men and women are guilty of doing and they usually don't realize it until it is too late. For most guys, when a woman is too clingy, it suggests that she wants to rush things and that may be the reason why he would choose to leave. Of course, that would only be if he is not really ready for a long term relationship.

b) Acting jealous. Did you get a little bit jealous whenever another woman looked at him? Or, were you the kind of woman that did not "allow" your guy to have any contact with any other women? That can sometimes lead a guy to believe that he will never be able to have any female friends, even if they are totally platonic and he is totally not attracted to them at all.

c) Being too guarded. This is another thing that can be a turn off and this is usually more of a turn off to a guy who wants to have a good relationship with a woman. If you are too guarded with your emotions or it is pretty clear that you are one of those women who is afraid to really get close to a guy, this can suggest that you may never get to that point and that may not be what he wants.
There could also be reasons that only apply to him for why he might have left you. He may not be the kind of guy that can commit. He may be the kind of guy that wants to play the field. Or, HE may be the one that is too guarded and is afraid to get close to anyone. At any rate, there are things that can end a relationship that you really have little control over. However, when you know what the more common reasons for a guy leaving the woman he is dating, then you have a much better chance of being able to keep the next guy that comes along.
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What Did I Do Wrong - 3 Reasons Why Men Leave the Women They Date


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