Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twitter Party: Let's Talk About the Type of Men to Avoid Dating

Every woman has her own rulebook when it comes to dating. From red flags to commitment timelines, you know who you will and won't date and why. So, what are your rules? Is there a certain types of man you avoid? Why? Tonight during our weekly #SheTime Twitter chat party we'll be discussing all of this and more. Share your thoughts.

Click here to join the conversation at 8pm EST. Be sure to follow @ESSENCEOnline and @SheTimeChat for questions and include the #SheTime hashtag in all tweets you send.

  • Gentlemen vs. Lovers
  • 8 Dating Sites You Just Might Like
  • A Few Good Men: Myths About Dating Black Men Debunked
  • You Tell Us: We Want to Hear Your Dating Horror Stories
  • 7 Common Couple Dramas Decoded

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