Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Madonna's Super Sexy "Girl Gone Wild" Video Gets YouTube Warning (WATCH)

By Lylah M. Alphonse

Madonna's new album, MDNA, just came out and YouTube has already tagged her NSFWbump-and-grind video for "Girl Gone Wild"with an age-restriction warning. 

But the former Material Girl doesn't seem too worried about it. "How can you go wild and not grind?" she asked Jimmy Fallon on his talk show the other night. 

Actually, the grinding is kind of the mild part in her video, which features pantyhose-clad male models writhing around Madanna, who is in BDSM-Marylin Monroe mode. Like we said, it's not really safe for work: 

A YouTube source told The New York Post that the video site "sent Madonna's team a list of shots that should be cut to make it appropriate for everyone." Those included several bare backsides, a shot of a well-endowed man rubbing his crotch, and a scene where a man seems to be masturbating in front of a mirror. 

Liz Rosenberg told the New York Post that the censorship is nothing new for the pop icon. "Some things never change," she said. "This is a throwback to [1990] when MTV refused to show 'Justify My Love.'

Still, Madonna's team reportedly was working to make the required edits on Tuesday before her Twitter chat last night. It's hard to tell if much editing took place, however: A day later, the video still has YouTube's red-exclamation-point warning under it. 
'Justify My Love.'


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