Monday, April 2, 2012

How My Insecurity Cost Me My Relationship With a Wonderful Man

By Vivian Booth

I had been in a wonderful relationship with a man for about eight months. Everything was going well. We spent plenty of time together and I could tell he genuinely enjoyed being with me. He would wine and dine me. The sex was great but I knew that was not the only reason he was with me. We could spend a wonderful evening together watching a old movie with his dog curled up beside us. We would snuggle and kiss and that was as far as we would go. He made me feel wonderful.

One thing I found troubling about our relationship was the fact that he did not tell me he loved me as much as I thought he should. Looking back I realize now that he showed me in more ways than I can count how much he cared for me. In fact he did tell me he love me very much through his actions but it was the words "I love you" that I so desperately needed to hear. The fact that he was not verbally telling me he loved me made me feel insecure. And this insecurity grew the longer we where together.

I finally found the nerve and what I thought was the right time to bring up this part of our relationship that had been troubling me. At first he seemed a bit perplexed. Hadn't he shown me by his actions and thoughts how much he loved me? Yes I said he had but I still needed to hear those three words coming from his lips. He countered by saying that his family had never been one to express their feelings verbally. He knew his mother loved him by her actions. Baking his favorite cookies and bringing them to him and his friends along with glasses of sweetened ice tea when they where watching a favorite television show. Or the way his father spent time with him on a Saturday afternoon after the yard work had been done or the list of chores that his mom had taped to the refrigerator had been completed. He said years later he had come to realize how tired his father must have been after working five ten hour days yet he could tell his father enjoyed their Saturdays together.

And yet in another of his ways of showing he loved me he said he would work on expressing his feeling for me in a more verbal manner. He seemed deflated when he left later that afternoon but managed to tell me he loved me after taking out the trash and fixing the shower head in my bathroom that had started leaking the week before. He didn't call me Sunday night as usual but I didn't think too much of it. I saw him the following Tuesday and things just didn't feel right. There as more silence between us than usual.

To make a long story short I ended up losing him because of my insecurity. Don't let that happen to you. Learning what makes a man tick and why he acts the way he does is crucial if you want to take your relationship with him to the next level. Every man is somewhat unique but there are common traits and characteristics that many men share. Learn what these are and you can develop a deeper more meaningful relationship than you ever thought possible.

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How My Insecurity Cost Me My Relationship With a Wonderful Man


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