Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WTF Bad Date?

Because, that's why
I walk in and he’s there early.  Good start.

For a while things are OK-ish. Truth is, I wasn’t really feeling much of anything. We met ages ago and couldn’t remember much about the guy. Just a few random biographical details.

Anyway, things are going OK when all of a sudden things start getting weird. It doesn’t occur to me, until a little too late, that he’s had too much to drink. Or maybe, more likely, the small amount of alcohol he consumed wasn’t mixing well with some meds or another. I’m guessing, from experience.

One minute things were fine and then POOF he’s had way too much to drink (and continues to order more). He starts to slur and bring up ever more inappropriate topics of conversation.

And what do I do?

I smiled. I pretended he was sober. I acted as if his questions were completely appropriate. Even when he was kinda scaring me.


Well.. for lots of reasons, I suppose. I thought he was genuinely a decent guy who’d made a bad judgment call. And I thought we’d might bump into each other again (NYC being a very small town, in lots of ways). And I didn’t want to get up and leave him with most of a cheese plate left uneaten on the table (he suggested we order food, and I figured the cheese plate would have sobering benefits).

It was hardly the first time something like happened to me. People get nervous, they do stupid stuff.  It was what happened afterward that really freaked me out.

He texted the next day. No apology. More of a, “how are you” text. I’d already decided that if he texted or called with an apology that we’d be cool. Because, again, people do dumbass things.

I was completely caught off guard. At a loss for words, actually. So I didn’t reply. I was planning on it. I just had no idea what to say. And then another text… this one not so nice.  Kind of malicious, in fact. Maybe it was a joke, but it didn’t seem like a joke. So I decided to ignore them both. Because, you know. I’m just not that nice or into playing games.

A week later I get a message from him on facebook asking me what went wrong. WTF?

And the moral of this story is… the next time a guy starts getting sloppy  on a , just leave.

WTF Bad Date?


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