Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dating Younger Women – 5 Myths BUSTED!

Many guys have a natural fear that they are somehow “dirty old men” for wanting to date younger women. This is one of those myths that all men need to completely obliterate immediately, because the fact is that women love older men. Age is not the issue, in most cases.

 It’s a case of most guys being intimidated by cute women instead of demonstrating their natural Alpha Attitude.

 Right now I’m going to bust 5 secret myths for dating younger women that will not only eliminate this fear for you, but also show you how to get out there and use this information to your advantage.

 Dating Younger Women – Myth 1: “If you are attracted to younger women, you’re some kind of perv or weirdo.”

This is one of those myths that was probably created by a bad romantic comedy, or someone with an axe to grind. The reality is that men evolved over time to feel attracted to women that had the best potential to bear us children. The appearance of youth in a woman is one of the most highly sought after qualities.

(If you need any proof, just witness the billions and billions of dollars spent each year on plastic surgery and cosmetics.)

Unfortunately, when she’s past her late thirties, a woman is much less likely to bear children – and avoid the health risks associated with age.

So you’re only a natural, red-blooded male when you feel attracted to women who give off that glow of youth.

And don’t ever let anyone use shame to manipulate you into thinking otherwise.

Dating Younger Women – Myth 2: “Women don’t find older men attractive…”

Whoops… sorry, another false belief here.

Women actually find older men more attractive than younger men for the simple reason that women tend to mature faster than men. Later on, guys do catch up in emotional maturity.

But when she’s in some of her most fertile years for having children, a woman is going to look to an older man to be more established, more secure, more experienced, and more confident in his life. These are very desirable traits for her to have in a father of her children.

Of course, it goes without saying that no matter how old you are, you should do your best to stay fit and youthful in your attitude. No woman wants to date a guy that is stubborn, grumpy, out-of-shape, and already has his room picked out at the retirement home.

Whatever the number is on your driver’s license, you don’t have to act it.

Dating Younger Women – Myth 3: “Women secretly hate men they see dating younger women…”

Sometimes this one can be true, but it’s not the man she’s mad at – it’s the younger women. It’s not even because he’s older and she’s younger, either. It’s because she’s secretly angry that this younger woman has the guy SHE wants. Or she’s finding that there’s more competition.

Men don’t have the same biological alarm clock ticking in the back of their heads that women do, so there’s a heightened sense of competition among women for the scarce male resources out there. This should actually be comforting to you, knowing that women have more urgency than you do to find a mate.

Good men are scarce these days, so you are even more in demand.

Dating Younger Women – Myth 4: “She needs a younger guy to match her energy level in the bedroom…”

This one is actually WAY off the target. The fact is that guys often focus on frequency instead of quality when it comes to pleasing women, which is not what women want at all. What every woman (at every age) is looking for is a man who can run the marathon, not the 100 yard dash.

She’s also looking for some experience and patience in the bedroom, which is what older men have that “jack rabbit” younger guys do not.

Dating Younger Women – Myth 5: “Younger women who date older guys are just gold diggers…”

Again, this myth sounds nice to someone who’s trying to justify why they don’t have the woman of their dreams, but it is rarely true in reality.

Younger women are looking for security and resources, but they also know that in today’s modern culture, they can also make their own money and do just fine. This means that her decisions are also weighted by her intelligence just as much as her socialization and natural female needs.

Of course, if you’re throwing cash around and putting on a display of wealth thinking that this will get you the attraction and desire from women, you’d be guilty of creating the situation. So keep your wallet in your pocket, and understand that women do NOT need you to be rich.

She needs you to simply display the priveleges of your experience – your confidence, your patience, and your Alpha Male attitude.
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