Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wearing This Color May Make Men Think You're More Likely To Have Sex With Them (Nice Optimism, Dudes)

by Gena Kaufman

Do you guys remember this story about how men are kind of clueless at reading sexual cues? Well OMG, it’s actually so bad that they even think the color of your T-shirt indicates your interest in sex.

"WTF you guys? I just wore this sweater for warmth and now no one will leave me alone."

It's previously been shown that men find women in red to be more attractive. According to this Wired article, a new study shows reveals a possible reason why: Men actually interpret red outfits as a signal that women are more open to sexual advances. In the study, men were asked to look at a photo of a woman in either a red or a white t-shirt, and then were asked to gauge whether or not the woman was interested in sex. Men saw the red outfit as a signal that the woman was more open to sexual advances.

Does anyone else think it’s pretty weird that men seem to intuitively believe that a color indicates whether or not you want a little lovin'? Here are some reasons I have worn red recently: 

  • To make a cool color-blocking combo with my pink skirt;

  • So pasta sauce stains would blend in when I inevitably spill;

  • I was watching Ohio State basketball and dressing in team colors (Go Bucks!); and/or

  • All my other shirts were in my mountains of dirty laundry. Whatever, it's not like I wore a bathing suit instead of underwear. OK yeah, I've done that too.

  • Whereas things I’ve done to indicate I wanted to have sex include: 
    1. Consented to having sex.

    I mean, really. Red is a gorgeous color and I'm all for wearing it and being sexy as all get out. You can't blame a man for appreciating that. But even the author of the study cautions men to be aware of how their attitudes toward women can be twisted by misleading cues. If you're reading, gentlemen, feel free to compliment a lady in red on her smokin' dress. But please don't assume it means she's interested in taking it off and sleeping with you.

    Do you like wearing red? Do you find it has an effect on men? Do you feel sexier when wearing a particular color?


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