Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Secret Most Women Don't Know About Communicating With Men

By Christian Carter

Have you ever tried to tell a man how you’re feeling, only to have him get angry, annoyed or simply shut down and withdraw? If so, it’s probably because you’re not communicating in a way that the man can actually understand and make him want to LISTEN.

Chances are that you were so caught up in your emotions that you didn't actually give him the space to listen, think, and respond. This is something you can learn to do so that a man actually wants to hear you out. Here's what I mean…

Men and women communicate in different ways, but if you can understand where the man is coming from, you could have a whole different experience than most women and actually create a better connection between you and him.

That’s right, there IS a way that actually works for both of you...

Learn To Communicate With Men For Real, Constructive, Positive Results

Most people THINK that they are great communicators.

But they don’t seem to get any RESULTS with their communication.

Guess what?

If you aren’t getting some of the results you’re after, then your communication skills stink.

Saying exactly what you’re thinking and feeling all the time is NOT a leading trait that makes for a great communicator - or even a good one.

Being in touch with your feelings is good. But throwing them out when they come to you, not “filtering” them, and putting no conscious thought behind how the other person will hear and receive your words is counterproductive.

Tons of women spend days, weeks, or months analyzing, processing, and discussing a thought or idea that they have about a man or about their relationship. Then after all this, they come to a conclusion and present their thoughts to their guy.

And then what happens?

Most of the time, the woman expects the man to listen and VERY QUICKLY understand what she’s talking about, what it means about him and their relationship, and how it makes her feel and why.

And how does that usually work out?


If you think about this situation for a second, you’ll realize a few important things:
  • The man didn’t have the benefit of all the time and discussion/analysis that the woman had
  • The woman is expecting her communication to give him a perfect view and experience of what it’s like to be her
  • The man probably sees things differently and has his own perspective (right or wrong)
I recognize the challenge that you, as a woman, have with a man… it’s often very difficult to know what’s going on with him because he will rarely, if ever, come out and say exactly how he’s thinking or feeling.

Most men in this situation will simply avoid conversation and connection to try and hide their feelings, hoping that it will all just go away and they won’t have to “deal with it.”

Good communication IS the first step to changing your relationship with a man for the better.

I’ve spent the last few years studying exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to women communicating effectively with a man and creating a deeper “connection”. My ebook Catch Him and Keep Him will show you how you can quickly and easily perfect this skill if you are going to have successful, lasting, loving relationship with a man. It’s the modern woman’s guide to success with dating and being in relationships with men - if you’re looking to stop wasting your time and find a deep, lasting, and real connection, that is.

Go download your copy right now by clicking here: Catch Him And Keep Him Risk Free Trial. If you’re ready for a positive change in your life when it comes to men, then learning how to communicate with them in a way that triggers attraction is a crucial first step, and my eBook shows you how.


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