Monday, February 27, 2012

How Long Will Your Relationship Last? Science Has All the Answers AGAIN!

by Ariane Marder

How do you know if he loves you so? It’s not in your heart, it’s not in your head…it’s in your blood!?

According to researchers from Bar-llan in Israel, the answer is in your oxytocin levels. The hormone that makes you feel all lovey dovey has a direct correlation to the strength and duration of your relationship. Per Live Science, "the team measured levels of oxytocin in people who had recently begun relationships. Six months later, the couples with the higher levels of oxytocin tended to still be together, while the others had split.”

The study looked at 60 couples in their twenties who had started a new relationship in the last three months, as well as 43 singles, and found that the couples' levels of oxytocin in their blood were nearly double the level of the singles.

One caveat: Because the researchers didn’t test the couples before they were in relationships, it's unclear if their oxytocin levels were the reason they were coupled up in the first place, or if the levels were a direct result of the couples being in love.

The good news? If the love hormone plays as big a role as they say, there could be oxytocin treatments for relationships in trouble!

Silly science, always switching the plot with new studies to keep us guessing!

What do you think? Does the study make sense to you? Would you consider oxytocin treatments to save your relationship?

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