Friday, March 2, 2012

Dating: I Would Really Just Love Some Genuine Guy Advice :-)?

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Hi I’m Kia and I’m having just a little bit of trouble fitting in with the guys in my friendship group at the moment. Yesterday i went to plaza with 3 of my girl friends and about 8 of my guy friends including my boyfriend. In the beginning none of the guys were really talking to us but after a little while they all started to loosen up a bit and talk and play around. What was bothering me is that they were really only talking to the other girls in the group. The other girls have that “cool factor” about them and they know exactly what to say and do around the guys to get noticed. I don’t :-S

All i really want is to do is become tight friends with the other guys in my group so that it makes my boyfriend feel a bit more comfortable and so that i feel more comfortable with my personality (if that makes sense)

I would really love some guy advice on what i could say to them and how i could act around them to get myself noticed more so that they will actually want to hang out with me more and get to know me more

any advice will do really (no dirty advice please)
thanks, xxx
p.s their footy guys if that helps
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